The Case for a Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard Paint
In my case, it turns out I need some more whimsical tape!

It is January and it is cold outside (at least here on the farm in New Jersey) so its a perfect time to set yourself up with a project. Consider a chalkboard painted wall. Or wall section or the best of all: the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors.

This is an easy, affordable, done-in-an-hour, DIY upgrade to your life as a fearless home chef.

Why a chalkboard wall, you may ask? Well, how often have you reached for an ingredient only to realize that either you don’t have it, or you put the container away with a little dust at the bottom, certain you’d remember to pick up cinnamon next time you are at the store?

Me? All the time. Until chalkboard paint entered my life. Capture what you need at the moment you know future you will need it. 

Put a little whimsical duct tape around the edges and you’ve got a place to capture to-dos, menu ideas, and necessary replenishments – just don’t forget to pick up some chalk too!

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